Mute your Mac's Startup Sound

Personally, I am a big fan of all Mac’s startup sounds. And I know that, there are soo many hardcore fans of this sounds. But it can also be annoying, if you’re in a library or a quiet place or the place you do not want to make a noise.

To mute the startup sound; here are some basic tricks.

  • If you have to restart your running Mac, press the mute button (F3 on laptops) or lower your volume manually before you restart.
  • If you’re starting up your Mac from scratch, press and hold the mute key on the keyboard (F3 on laptops) before pressing your Mac’s power button.

Making Your Mac Speak from Terminal

Just another cool feature of Mac, simply open Terminal (under the Applications) then type say command and write any text you want.

say I'm cool, because I'm using Mac.

When you press the enter key, your Mac say I’m cool, because I’m using Mac.

Other tricks from Terminal
Tells your Mac’s uptime.

uptime | say

Tells your Processor name, your kernel version ..etc

uname -a | say