Switching From Linux to Mac ?

You want to make the switch but don’t know if your favorite Linux application is avaible under OS X. Then you are in luck. Macports is an open source community that provides a apt-get like interface for downloading, compiling, updating open source applications. Its probable that your application is already working. They have a huge repository of open source applications.

Show hidden files in the Finder

To see all files in the Finder (Mac OS X), “like hidden files starting with . (dot)” follow these steps.

    1. Open “Terminal”

    2. Type this command and press Enter key.

    defaults write com.apple.Finder AppleShowAllFiles YES

    3. You need to restart the Finder to make the command take effect. Hold down the “Option key”, then click and hold on the Finder icon in the Dock. When the menu appears, select “Relaunch”.

    4. Now, you can see all files and folders on in the Finder.

    5. If you want to hide files and change everything back to normal, just open Terminal and repeat the command with changing “YES to NO”, then press Enter key again. And restart the Finder.

    defaults write com.apple.Finder AppleShowAllFiles NO